Complaints, Returns, Warranty

General Warranty

  1. Company INTERLINE ensure the smooth functioning of the equipment under these conditions for a period of 3 years from the date of sale shown on the document of purchase.
  2. Buyer has the right under the guarantee to exchange goods for free from defects, if:
    • despite the implementation of three product warranty repairs in the guarantee period, product will continue to have defects preventing use it as intended,
    • INTERLINE`s service finds and confirm in written form that the removal of defects is impossible,
    • repair is not performed within the period specified in section 5

    In the event of a complaint and the exchange of goods or reimburse the cash buyer is obliged to return the goods complete with all accessories.

  3. INTERLINE is responsible for the defects caused only by reason embedded in the goods sold on the date of its issuance, but are not guaranteed damage resulting from the sale of other reasons, and in particular:
    • as a result of inappropriate, incompatible with instructions: configuration, handling, storage, maintenance or transportation,
    • caused by random events, including damage chemical, mechanical and thermal,
    • as a result of damage resulting from improper or incompatible with an instruction manual, completion, equipment and installation, lack of proper maintenance,
    • in the case of arbitrary (by the user or other unauthorized persons) repair, alteration or changes to construction
  4. Prior to the provision of equipment for the service must fill out a document Service Application appearing on page
  5. Disclosed during the warranty and removable defects will be repaired free of charge, immediately after the delivery of equipment to INTERLINE`s service and repair time should not exceed the 14 working days from the date of its delivery. This period may be extended for another 14 days for reasons beyond the control of the INTERLINE. The warranty period would not be extended to repair time.
  6. Goods to be sent to Service Point: INTERLINE, ul. Klonowa 29, 49-353 Zielecice, POLAND, along with an accompanying filled Service Application .
  7. Goods will be accepted for service only in the original packs with full equipment. Providing goods in packaging replacement will transfer responsibility to the customer for any mechanical damage, which may be the goods during transport. Shipping costs will be covered by buyer unless it is established with INTERLINE differently and in writing.
  8. Products for repair are subject to standard tests.
    • In the event that the tests did not reveal any weaknesses and vulnerabilities, or will be discovered defects and flaws within the scope of this does not guarantee the guarantor will contact buyer in order to determine further proceedings. In the event that
    • INTERLINE accept the vulnerability, it will be removed or if INTERLINE is unable to remove the vulnerabilities goods will be exchanged for free from defects and sent to the address of the purchaser at the expense of INTERLINE. In the case of inability to exchange goods for free from defects will be reimbursed the costs of buying goods in the amount specified in the document of purchase.
  9. This General Warranty does not violate the provisions of the Polish Regulation Council of Ministers of 30 May 1995 (Dz.U. No. 64 item. 338) on detailed conditions for the pursuit of contracts for the sale of goods with the participation of consumers and that apply in cases referred to therein.