products you can depend on

The success of the market allowed for investment in the development of staff and machinery, and today the INTERLINE company is prepared to mass production of antennas to the highest standards.
obudowa błysk

quality without compromise

Materials for the manufacture of our antennas are always selected with the proper care of their high technical parameters. Starting from antenna enclosure (stainless steel, aluminum, ABS) up to highly specialized PTFE laminates used in production interline antenna's radiation elements.
The precise assembly of these elements by a qualified crew in effect, gives the product ...
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with a guarantee repeatability

For design and production we use computer aided microstrip patches, injection forms, matrixes and automated production tools. We always offer high quality product which technical parameters you can be sure...

even with highest volume orders

na dużą skalę
It's worth to plan big WLAN projects based on our antennas because modular design and high stock available off-hand empower rapid production and fast supply even in big quantities with INTERLINE's quality guaranteed.