Schools and Educations in Romania

From WorldNET / Romania

One of the major problem in country side of Romania is a poor communications infrastructure, for that reason the Education Ministery toghether with EU founds, start to build wireless infrastructure to assure interenet in village schools.

More about WorldNET:

This project start in 2008 and until now was install for this project over 282 links in 5 Ghz, based on 335 pcs of Panel 23 dbi/5 Ghz, 62 pcs of Parabolic 29dbi/5Ghz (with Interline Feeder), 8 pcs of Horizon 12dbi/5Ghz, 12 pcs of Sector 17/5Ghz.

Other accessories used: Surge protectors in 3-6 Ghz, MRC240 coaxial cables, RF connectors N type.

Also a part of this project including wireless internet access from City Halls/Schools to home users based on 2.4Ghz links where was used 80 pcs of Horizon 12dbi/2.4Ghz and over 1430 pcs of. INTERLINE BabuYaga antennas 14 dbi/2.4 Ghz connecting with USB/PCI high power adapters.