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The 8dBi Optimised Helium Antenna offers +7% forward Power Transmission compared to alternative non optimised VSWR Antenna designs.


  • Results in higher coverage and Increased HNT $ revenue.


Interline introduce the 8dBi High Performance Antennas for use with the Helium Network offering superior Power Transmission compared to other commercially available alternative non optimised VSWR Antenna designs.

This new Antenna design has been specifically tuned to operate with peak performance over only the frequency band of interest to EU Helium Hotspot operators – the EU 868 frequency band.

Most commercially available Helium Hotspot Antenna designs available today are designed to be universal – meaning that the one product has been designed to cover both the European EU868 and US915 Frequency bands – resulting in designs which may be non-optimised for either frequency range.


These optimised Antennas feature a superior VSWR performances of 1.5:1 maximum

 – which immediately results in over +7% more transmitted,

 non-reflected Power from your Antenna and reduced Mis-match loss when compared to many of the commercially available 2:1 VSWR performance.


Now, an even better version of the excellent HORIZON 8 868 MHz antenna.


In the new model, we have rebuilt the antenna radiator, modifying the radiation pattern, by changing the "phasing"antenna radiators.

It is a special antenna, with the main beam of radiation lowered (towards the ground) by 10 °, and suppressed undesirable upper lobes. This provides better coverage of the "area" under the antenna.


Helium LoraWan devices, working with commercially available broadband antennas, covering the EU868 and US915 MHz range.


These antennas also receive strong signals from GSM 900MHz transmitters, working in Europe with high powers.



This adversely affects the range and sensitivity of Helium-LoraWan devices, intermodulations may appear, especially near GSM antenna masts.


Our antenna has a built-in bandpass filter that works without attenuation in the working band of the antenna and is characterized by attenuation for other frequencies.

The filter, located in the antenna radiator, is a 1/4 wavelength segment shorted to the ground at 868 MHz, and a resonant slit in the socket module. Frequencies different from the antenna operating frequency are discharged to the ground. The filter attenuates unwanted signals by a few dB.

It is a specialized narrowband antenna operating in a dedicated band (EU868), which allows it to obtain a high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and maintain high sensitivity of the receiver in the device.


The range obtained on this antenna is even several dozen kilometers. The range depends on the mounting height, the type of Access Point, the quality of the antenna connector used (unit attenuation, length, quality of connectors), as well as the terrain and configuration of access points on the other side of the link.


In the construction of the heat sink, we do not use LC matching circuits (capacitance-inductance correlation) that allow for "artificial" antenna impedance adjustment and lowering the VSWR coefficient. This causes an increase in induction or capacitance which results in "blurring" of digital signals and has a negative impact on the bit / Hz encoding and the error rate (BER). Our antenna works "clean, resonant-resistive" and has a very low self-noise figure and an excellent bit / Hz encoding ratio.


The antenna housing is grounded, which protects it against electrostatic discharge

(electric charges appearing on the antenna are discharged to the earthing system)

For proper operation, the mast and the antenna must be earthed to the existing lightning protection system.

Despite the lack of a device lightning protection, the antenna mast and the antenna must be grounded.

The ground wire should form

the shortest and direct path to the earth electrode Outer sheaths of coaxial cables

outgoing antenna should be connected

to the antenna mast or to the cable

with an equipotential bonding conductor o

cross-section not less than 8 mm2 Cu.


For additional safety, install a gas lightning arrester. The assembly instructions are HERE.


The antenna, when mounted on a mast, is earthed through the cybant-mast electrical connection. Over time, this connection may become contaminated and corroded. The best solution is to screw the ground wire to the antenna with an additional M6 nut and washers.





  1. Low level of side lobes


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Frequency (min)
Frequency (max)
  1. 8dBi
VSWR (max)
Half Power Beam Width (-3dB) - horizontal
  1. 360°
Half Power Beam Width (-3dB) - vertical
  1. 15°
XPD (Cross Polarization Discrimination)
Max Composite Power
DC Ground


N female
Mounting Diameter
ø 38…51mm
Dimensions (excl. mount)
Weight (incl. mount)


IP Rating
-40°C ... 80°C

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