Berlin Open Wireless Lab

BOWL - TU-Berlin, Germany

In 2009, Inteligent Network Group (INET TU-Berlin) at Deutsche Telekom Laboratories has launched a project BOWL. To build a wireless network, they decided to use INTERLINE antennas.

The following models of antennas manufactured by Interline were selected:

In total, the project employs more than 100 antennas manufactured by Interline.

About BOWL Project

BOWL is a project of the Intelligent Networks (INET) group at Deutsche Telekom Laboratories. The main goal of the BOWL project is to provide an open research platform for the wireless networking community.

As our outdoor testbed also serves to provide access to the TU Berlin community, BOWL creates a unique opportunity for understanding the real-world performance of proposed solutions. Most importantly, wireless networking research needs no more to be confined to simulation or emulation in fully controlled lab environments.

The main components of the BOWL project are:

  • A modular and configurable software architecture
  • A management subsystem
  • A measurement/monitoring subsystem

The BOWL project maintains a reconfigurable wireless outdoor testbed with 50 nodes. The network can be configured to serve as both an infrastructure and a mesh network. This testbed is integrated to TU-Berlin's IT department (tubIT) and its infrastructure for student access. For smaller experiments or for experiments that are not ready to be tested in an environment with real users, there also exists an indoor testbed.