New product codes

With the introduction of new products in the range beyond the standard frequencies of 802.11abgn standards we have to introduce new codes of our products. As a result to this change, we will also gradually replace the product packaging. Below is a list of old codes and their new counterparts. EAN13 bar codes do not change.
The new code is made up of several parts, which precisely identifies the product:

    I_ - G_ _ _ _ - F_ _ _ _ - A _ _ _ _ - _ _ - _
  • First letter "I" means INTERLINE and is common for all codes.
  • Second letter: antenna/product type (eg. "S" for sector antenna)
  • Then goes 2 digits gain values "G", sometimes two gain values give us 4 digits.
  • Next is frequency range "F", 2 or 4 digits, 2400 - 2500MHz will render F2425
  • Next is "A" section where for sector antennas we show horizontal angle.
  • After that is polarization H, V or HV.
  • Last is for options, as connector types, special versions etc.
INT-PAN-08/24-HV-RPSMA IP-G08-F2425-HV-R PANEL 8dBi / 2.4»2.5GHz
INT-PAN-08/24-HV-NF IP-G08-F2425-HV-N PANEL 8dBi / 2.4»2.5GHz
INT-PAN-14/24-HV IP-G14-F2425-HV PANEL 14dBi / 2.4»2.5GHz
INT-PAN-17/24-HV IP-G17-F2326-HV PANEL 17dBi / 2.3»2.6GHz
INT-PAN-14/24-MIMO-HV IP-G1414-F2425-HV-M PANEL 14dBi / 2.4»2.5GHz / MIMO HV
INT-SEC-08/24-D IS-G1008-F2425-A5060-HV-D SECTOR H:10dBi/50° V:8dBi/60° / 2.4»2.5GHz DUAL
INT-SEC-12/24-HV IS-G1412-F2425-A6070-HV-M SECTOR H:14dBi/60° V:12dBi/70° / 2.4»2.5GHz / MIMO HV
INT-SEC-14/24-H IS-G14-F2425-A60-H SECTOR H:14dBi/60° / 2.4»2.5GHz
INT-SEC-12/24-V IS-G12-F2425-A70-V SECTOR V:12dBi/70° / 2.4»2.5GHz
INT-SEC-15/24-V IS-G15-F2425-A90-V SECTOR V:15dBi/90° / 2.4»2.5GHz
INT-SEC-17/24-V IS-G17-F2425-A90-V SECTOR V:17dBi/90° / 2.4»2.5GHz
INT-SEC-14/24-V IS-G14-F2425-A120-V SECTOR V:14dBi/120° / 2.4»2.5GHz
INT-HOR-07/24-V IH-G07-F2425-V HORIZON 7dBi / 2.4»2.5GHz
INT-HOR-09/24-V IH-G09-F2425-V HORIZON 9dBi / 2.4»2.5GHz
INT-HOR-12/24-V IH-G12-F2425-V HORIZON 12dBi / 2.4»2.5GHz
INT-PAN-14/5X-HV-RPSMA IP-G14-F5258-HV-R PANEL 14dBi / 5.2»5.8GHz
INT-PAN-14/5X-HV-NF IP-G14-F5258-HV-N PANEL 14dBi / 5.2»5.8GHz
INT-PAN-19/5X-HV IP-G19-F5059-HV PANEL 19dBi / 5.0»5.9GHz
INT-PAN-23/5X-HV IP-G23-F5258-HV PANEL 23dBi / 5.2»5.8GHz
INT-PAN-19/5X-MIMO-HV IP-G1919-F5059-HV-M PANEL 19dBi / 5.0»5.9GHz / MIMO HV
INT-SEC-17/5X-H IS-G17-F5258-A60-H SECTOR H:17dBi/60° / 5.2»5.8GHz
INT-SEC-17/5X-V IS-G17-F5258-A80-V SECTOR V:17dBi/80° / 5.2»5.8GHz
INT-SEC-17/5X-HV IS-G17-F5258-A6080-HV-M SECTOR H:17dBi/60° V:17dBi/80° / 5.2»5.8GHz / MIMO HV
INT-HOR-12/49-V IH-G12-F4954-V HORIZON 12dBi / 4.9»5.4GHz
INT-HOR-12/54-V IH-G12-F5458-V HORIZON 12dBi / 5.4»5.8GHz
INT-HOR-12/57-V IH-G12-F5761-V HORIZON 12dBi / 5.7»6.1GHz
INT-PAN-08/08 IP-G08-F8687 PANEL 8dBi / 0.86»0.87GHz
INT-HOR-08/08-V IH-G08-F8688-V HORIZON 8dBi / 0.86»0.88GHz
INT-HOR-07/23-V IH-G07-F2324-V HORIZON 7dBi / 2.3»2.4GHz
INT-HOR-09/23-V IH-G09-F2324-V HORIZON 9dBi / 2.3»2.4GHz
INT-HOR-12/23-V IH-G12-F2324-V HORIZON 12dBi / 2.3»2.4GHz
INT-PAN-18/36-HV IP-G18-F3638-HV PANEL 18dBi / 3.6»3.8GHz
INT-HOR-12/61-V IH-G12-F6165-V HORIZON 12dBi / 6.1»6.5GHz
INT-PAN-08/3G-HV IM-G08-F1922 PANEL 8dBi 3G-UMTS
INT-PAN-10/3G-HV IM-G0710-F80961722 WAVE 7/10dBi GSM/3G-UMTS/LTE