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Directional panel antenna, one of the most powerful on the market, designed for UMTS / LTE band 1700MHz ~ 2200 MHz and operates with 19 dBi gain, designed for installation on both the outside and inside of buildings. The antenna is coupled with the standard 5 meter flexible antenna cable RG-174 terminated with RP-SMA / RP-SMA connectors. Flexible cable allow one to "lock" the window without drilling holes in the facade of the building. As standard equipment, a special adapter (RP-SMA/CRC9/TS9) is included to allow connection the antenna to the various models of broadband models. Buy

Key benefits

  • Powder painted backplate
  • Powder painted mounting brackets
  • Solid casing


  • Adjustable mounting
  • Adjustable polarization

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11/15/2017 - 07:06
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